Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: O. Man!

Secretary of State Pompeo says the US may follow India and ban TikTok for security concerns. The FBI says it’s opening a new China-related counterintelligence case “approximately every ten hours.”

Canada's Trudeau turns down a White House invitation to visit. Were he to travel to the US, he'd need to quarantine upon return.

Sonora, the Mexican state that borders Arizona, sets up additional checkpoints to catch Americans traveling with COVID-19.

Ed Yong: “The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay.”

Texas keeps over 4,000 people in solitary confinement, more than the rest of the country’s prisons combined.

How to sustain momentum for anti-racism? Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wants to see a public method for measuring social justice reform.

Helen DeWitt: Data visualization, or "dataviz," is a functional art and sometimes a life-or-death matter.

A widget shows how much America's 300 biggest cities spend on their police. E.g., New York City: 8%. Los Angeles: 52%.

Excellent reporting after a protest in Ohio—one that turned violent thanks to anti-protesters—exposes years of overt and covert racism.

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Winters are warming faster than summers now, part of the reason the Arctic is losing sea ice at its fastest rate in 1,500 years.

"Gleaning" means gathering anything left after a harvest. During the pandemic, gleaners are trying to fight rampant hunger. (Meanwhile, other people are microwaving their library books.)

For an Indian woman working to love her culture in a world that has stolen it, “food gets very personal.”

When it comes to business, what’s true of “wellness” is often true of “wokeness”—a capitalist game playing to consumers’ narcissism.

Over a hundred prominent intellectuals sign a somewhat trolly letter decrying cancel culture, and immediately get trolled.

"It was amazing how much energy I’d spent trying to keep chardonnay in my life." How to live decadently without alcohol.

The ghost kitchen concept, seen as a threat to restaurants pre-pandemic, now appears to be their future.

A perfect art heist, where the art is never even stolen, told in illustrations.

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In Los Angeles, an orgasm trainer, "The O-Man," reportedly helps women reach pleasure dozens of times in a single session using postural assessment.

Sports are the new arena for discriminating against trans people. How the recent Supreme Court ruling will play a role is pending.

With Grand Slams approaching and top players out partying—with others test positive—can men be trusted to play tennis safely?

An African grey parrot goes against 21 Harvard students in a test of visual memory. The parrot wins.

A sad comic about losing a cat, by Jillian Tamaki.