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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Off the charts.

According to a new study, more than 338,000 lives could have been saved from Covid if America had universal health care. / Scientific American

For a glimpse of post-Roe life, look to Poland—abortions have been banned for 29 years and doctors still don't know the rules. / The New York Times

"Realistically, and technically, they were citizens. They just were deprived of being recognized as citizens." The creator of the Juneteenth flag explains the design. / Vox

How Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" upended the music charts: the endurance of legacy music and the convenience of streaming. / The Ringer

See also: Netflix is turning Squid Game into an actual game show. / The Verge

Around 17% of all ads on streaming services play after the TV has been turned off—that translates to about $1 billion worth of advertising a year. / Gizmodo

Fifty years ago, David Bowie became Ziggy Stardust. TMN's Andrew Womack is taking a yearlong trip back in time through this pivotal era—as it happened in the public eye. / @fromziggytoaladdin

"Among smokers who had strokes or other brain injuries, those with damage to a particular neural network experienced immediate relief from their cravings." / The New York Times

Nurturing ambition at scale means giving gatekeepers the room—and enough time—to reject with empathy. / Atlas of Wonders and Monsters

"Amy's has responded to the union drive with a two-step dance common at 'family' companies with shadow workforces." / The Drift

See also: The chaotic reopening of New York's Eleven Madison Park, where egos were high, pay was low, and "farm to trash" became the new normal.  / Insider

"The group would gather for brunch, turn on a video camera, and spend hours dissecting what exactly was wrong with him." When does a cult become a cult? / Esquire

Roxane Gay on Top Gun: "Cyclone hates Maverick and mostly berates Maverick as Maverick stands at attention, not a facial muscle moving because they've all been Botoxed to Xenu and back." / The Audacity

Watch: Drab lives explode into color in this illustrated music video for CHS. / The Morning News

A photo of 98 found gloves organized by color, by Thomas Scott and Jim Golden. / Colossal