Headlines, y'all

Wednesday headlines: Off the wall.

Carbon dioxide hit its highest levels in human history this weekend. Also, it was 84 degrees near the Arctic Ocean.

Thirty-seven years ago, Exxon scientists described all the horrors we’re facing now thanks to rising emissions.

A retired naval officer just made the deepest dive ever inside a submarine. At the bottom, he found human trash.

For the first time last year, Chinese consumers bought more Cadillacs than Americans did. Nearly all were assembled in China.

Many young South Koreans don't date because it's too expensive and distracting from building their careers.

A high school senior plans to wear a QR code on her graduation cap that sends people to a list of school shooting victims.

Your weekly white paper: What happened when New York City (randomly) increased street lighting? Crime fell by 36%.

Amazon will fund up to $10,000 in costs and provide three months of pay to any employee who starts their own delivery business.

“Drop a bomb on a residential area? I never in my life heard of that.” Thirty years later, a Philadelphia native tries to make sense of the devastating MOVE bombing.

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Pot smuggling arrests at Los Angeles International Airport have surged 166% since marijuana legalization.

Alabama’s Senate passes a near-total ban on abortion.

And when it comes to abortion and a changing Supreme Court, “we have no idea what will be on the wall.”

A Texas puzzle: What’s the difference between a farm-to-market road and a ranch-to-market road? A great anomaly.

Living small at Northern California’s only (legal) tiny-house community, Delta Bay, a 12-acre resort for homes on wheels.

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As a way to transfer factual knowledge, books aren't very reliable, and lectures are even worse. Can research design new mediums?

Paul Ford is equally proud and ashamed for being on the inside of the inner circles of tech.

Everywhere you go, you project a hologram of data and memory—assuming you didn't leave your Fitbit in the hotel room.

During the filming of 2001, Kubrick tried to take out insurance in case alien contact derailed box office returns.

To perceive yourself as isolated means to be rejected over and over, "even when in reality no one is slighting you."

“When I was first starting out, I had the same agent as Agatha Christie. I was about 19 years old and she was in her nineties. I met her once, and I remember she said, ‘I want to die face-first in my typewriter.’ And I feel that way.” Danielle Steele has written 179 books, works 20 hours a day, doesn’t read, takes one week a year for vacation, and has nine children.