Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: One

President-elect Joe Biden will be sworn in today as the United States’ 46th president at an inauguration like no other. / Vox

Kamala Harris makes history as the first female vice president in the nation's history, also the first Black vice president and first female vice president of South Asian descent. / The Hill

Dr. Jill Biden, often overshadowed, is poised “to transform the way in which the presidential spouse is perceived.” / The Washington Post

Doug Emhoff: I may be the first Second Gentleman, but I know I won’t be the last. / GQ

One way to think about the Biden administration’s immediate plans: Make America California again. / The Los Angeles Times

An interview with some of the 30 mayors in the United States who support a universal basic income. / CNBC

Ken Burns says the United States has three viruses: Covid-19, white supremacy, and misinformation. / NPR

Telephone interviews with Trump fans about their feelings regarding the Capitol attack and Biden inauguration. / The New York Times

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Trump pardons dozens, including Steve Bannon and Lil Wayne, as he exits the White House. He also revoked his own ethics rule about lobbyists. / POLITICO, CNN

Meanwhile, America’s Covid death toll surpasses 400,000 / Vox

Four-hundred lights around the Lincoln Memorial's reflecting pool were lit Tuesday evening. The National Cathedral tolled its mourning bell 400 times. / NPR, YouTube

What we currently know and don’t know about the coronavirus variants. / STAT

Want herd immunity? Try giving minority-owned businesses “fair, mandated access to contracts to get the vaccine to communities.“ / The Conversation

Ibram X. Kendi lists 10 notable political books on or by Black women published during ”the history-making year of 2020.” / The Atlantic

See also: A Spotify playlist based on James Baldwin’s vinyl record collection. / The Morning News

In what could become case law for climate refugees, a Bangladeshi migrant becomes the first legally "environmentally displaced" person in France. / Info Migrants

Artist Rael San Fratello's "Teeter Totter Wall" lets children play together on both sides of Trump's boundary. / It's Nice That

Bottle caps have a better shot at eternity than most of us. So too does the career of Ghanian sculptor El Anatsui. / The New Yorker

Aurvi Sharma rejected cooking in the name of feminism—until she figured out that she needed to nourish  herself. / Bon Appétit