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Biden enacts sanctions against Russia in response to Putin sending troops into eastern Ukraine. / BuzzFeed News

"Although the day would end with advancing columns of Russian armor in eastern Ukraine, it began almost normally for the fourth graders of Avdiivka's School Number 7." / Foreign Policy

See also: Will the sanctions against Russia work? Probably not in the short term, but they may be more effective down the line. / The New York Times

The US appears close to finalizing a new nuclear deal with Iran. / Reuters

The city of Brownsville, Texas, home to a controversial SpaceX launch site, has targeted a citizen who's been advocating against the company's presence there. / Texas Observer

A new CDC report shows maternal deaths continue to rise in the US, and Black mothers are still three times more likely than white women to die in pregnancy or childbirth. / CNN

The women's national team has reached an agreement with US Soccer to settle a pay discrimination dispute—and to equalize compensation with the men's team. / Associated Press

Who are the "additional composers" credited on movies? Frequently, they're the ones who write all the music, even on projects attached to big-name artists. / Vanity Fair

A 5,000-year-old stone drum—called "the most important piece of prehistoric art"—is making its public debut at the British Museum. / Smithsonian Magazine

Increased soot pollution from tourism is accelerating snow melt in parts of Antarctica. / NPR

A rival platform claims OnlyFans has been conspiring to blacklist performers who've left the platform by adding their content to a terrorism database. / BBC

Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age has died at 57. / Pitchfork

The story of how a self-concocted influencer started a design company with fake employees and stolen work—and hired real designers on a promise of future success. / BBC

A year after they broke up, Daft Punk returned to the internet yesterday and streamed footage from a 1997, pre-helmet concert. / The Verge

This is fascinating: The stairs of Alfred Hitchcock. / Kottke

Stones carved and polished into sushi replicas, by ha_ma_73. / The Awesomer