Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Panic! At the house.

Tuesday night ended with Republican Troy Balderson narrowly ahead in an Ohio district that Trump previously won by 11 points.

CNN says it’s time for Republicans to panic about the House.

The Democrats’ most liberal candidates fared poorly in almost every closely watched race across several states.

At least 168 women got a major party nomination for the House, surpassing the previous record.

Some advice from outgoing House speaker Paul Ryan: quit taking the bait when Trump tweets. He’s trolling you about everything.

What happens when you attend a security conference and your Uber driver starts to act like a spy.

The death of two children in a traffic accident has shut down Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, home to 18 million.

Asians are the fastest-growing undocumented group. And ICE tends to leave them alone.

Diversity politics have made blockbusters of films that pivoted to non-white stars. Enter Crazy Rich Asians.

A middle-aged man in Japan rents for $9/hour for nearly any purpose not involving physical contact.

Seventy percent of "McRefugees"—people who sleep in McDonald's around Hong Kong—already rent or own an apartment.

The founder of "McMansion Hell" takes on Secretary of Education DeVos’s 22,000-square-foot summer mansion.

Photographs arrive from Rosetta, the first spacecraft to orbit a comet.

A new paper warns of “feedback loops,” where a domino-effect of climate events could turn Earth into a hothouse.

The highest-ever ocean temperature recorded off San Diego reached 78.6 degrees.

Los Angeles has a proud history of buildings shaped like the things they sell.

Hemp is set for legalization, but anyone with a drug felony can't grow it—locking out some who need jobs the most.

Talk to anybody I’ve played with or anyone who’s coached me if you have any doubts. But I already know I’m a good player. And no, I won’t play you to prove it. A WNBA champion is sick of insecure dudes challenging her to play one-on-one.

Former poetry editor of The Nation condemns the magazine’s recent apology for a poem after a backlash on social media.

Owning at TV is associated with about a 6% reduction in the likelihood of having had sex in the past week.

Thanks to longer commercial breaks, Seinfeld reruns go eight percent faster than the original episodes.

A Cincinnati teacher sets the record for the fastest solo unsupported west-east row across the North Atlantic ocean.

Identical twin sisters marry identical twin brothers in Twinsburg, Ohio. The ministers were identical twins too.