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Six takeaways from President Biden's State of the Union address. / Wake Up to Politics

A look back at 10 years of the "worst job in politics"—delivering official responses to State of the Union addresses. / Washingtonian

Turkey's earthquake death toll passes 11,000. Experts remind Californians that a similar event may happen at any moment. / BBC News, The Los Angeles Times

Some tips on how to make sure a charitable donation will do the most good for quake survivors. / Goats and Soda

Texas cities debate the costs of adapting to extreme weather events. / Undark

See also: When seas rise in Senegal, so do the fortunes of far-right political parties in Europe. / NPR

One way to measure the scale of China's Covid outbreak: recent obituaries for top academics. / The New York Times

Helen Branswell: Tracking a bird flu outbreak in Spain, scientists see a familiar threat. / STAT

A nursing student reportedly makes nearly $2 million selling copies of her class notes on Etsy. / Business Insider

Thoughts on how LeBron James scored his 39,388th point in the NBA, breaking what once seemed to be an unbreakable record. / The Ringer

A list of 10 places not to visit this year due to overcrowding, resource depletion, or water crises. / Fodor's Travel

From last February, a visual tour through a dozen aquifers. / ArcGIS StoryMaps

An excerpt from a 19th-century photographer's memoir, about shooting in subterranean Paris. / The MIT Press Reader

Adam Mastroianni: Believe people are stupid, and you'll often be right. Believe that people are smart, and you'll often be right. What would you like to be right about?