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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Phase forever.

In its deadliest clash in 45 years, a disputed Himalayan border sees 20 Indian soldiers die in a fight with Chinese forces. Here’s the India-China border explained in 400 words.

See also: “Why North Korea just blew up its de facto embassy with South Korea.”

China ramps up containment measures in Beijing over a new outbreak of the coronavirus.

A protective cotton face mask can be custom-printed with an image of your own face.

A cheap, common steroid seems to cut the fatality rate—by a fifth to a third—in the worst COVID-19 cases.

Texas’s Governor says there’s no reason to be alarmed as his state sets a new record for coronavirus cases. 

Related/unrelated: "City enters Phase 4 of pretending coronavirus over."

Psychiatric symptoms have always been culture-bound. Are the underlying disorders different, or universal?

New Zealand’s success story takes a U-turn when two women from Britain show up with COVID-19.

How King Arthur Flour’s hotline has changed during the pandemic: It’s a lot busier, though sometimes callers just want to talk.

The House will vote next week on a historic DC statehood bill.

The Black Lives Matter Foundation has raised millions from people who think it’s Black Lives Matter. It’s a pro-police group.

GitHub will no longer use "master/slave" references—a move away from the traditional coding terms that began with Drupal in 2014.

Police play a role in many video games, but how they're portrayed may need to change based on their IRL counterparts' actions.

The FDA has approved the first prescription video game. It's designed for children between eight and 12 who have ADHD.

See also: Vintage tennis racquets restrung with found electronic parts, by Leonardo Ulian.

Andrew Cuomo says the US Open tennis tournament will take place as scheduled, but without fans.

A labor economist who studies Major League Baseball says the union and the owners have plenty of room to get a deal done.

Some eBay employees are accused of mailing disturbing packages to threaten writers critical of the company.

A brief design history of the door handle.

"The few places Mr. Underwood has avoided are the cemetery and the bunk house, which he reports is haunted." Life in a ghost town.