Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Phoenix envy.

Coronavirus infections in the US are much higher than confirmed, but far below what’s required for widespread immunity.

In light of expiring CARES Act benefits, how state jobless benefits stack up against workers’ wages.

Republican arguments about unemployment insurance de-incentivizing people to work ignore a harsh reality: many people don’t have jobs they can return to yet.

A call to “love courageously” during this period of fear and anger.

A letter from a doctor: "I look for hope and find none, but I am not allowed to admit to total free fall."

A letter from a waiter: "Is there room for a COVID learning curve when your job endangers your life?"

See also: Few people in food media seem interested in exposing monsters in many kitchens.

After the US orders China to close its Houston embassy to protect intellectual property, firefighters respond to a call for what appear to be employees burning documents.

The EU reaches an agreement on a $857 billion package to fight the bloc’s pandemic recession.

The British government gives up attempts to clinch a US trade deal before the presidential election.

Related/unrelated: How Switzerland works, from the use of referenda to the power of popular initiatives.

"I wanted pictures with a very slow surface." Teju Cole's new book features a mostly unpeopled Switzerland.

Black artists say they're being drafted to lend credibility to companies "that fail to live up to principles of diversity and inclusion."

"It is hard to believe that this article was written in 1968." Revisiting "The Black Experience in Graphic Design."

See also: A comic explains the Andres Guardado case.

In Portland, repeated use of force by federal officers against protesters, including last night, draws even larger crowds.

"Last night was the most horrifying thing I have ever experienced in my life," says a photographer who captured a picture of a federal officer pointing their weapon directly at him.

The US Army recruits on the Twitch streams of shooting games, but the platform is cracking down after recent abuse.

Twitter removes thousands of accounts linked to QAnon. Chrissy Teigen: “It is not an ‘opinion’ to call people pedophiles who rape and eat children.”

Journalists at the Wall Street Journal send a letter expressing concern about misinformation in the paper's opinion section.

Buying your local newspaper away from a hedge fund: attractive in theory, tough in practice.

Someone writing syndicated stories accusing Palestinian activists of being terrorists is in fact a deepfaked fraud.

Headline of the day? “Hostage siege ends after Ukrainian president endorses Joaquin Phoenix film.”