The Kremlin accuses Ukraine of launching strikes on targets in six Russian regions. / The Associated Press

A profile of Ukranian tennis player Evita Svitolina about the impact of Russia's war in her country and her sport. / The New York Times Magazine

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The front page of the University of North Carolina's Daily Tar Heel prints text messages sent to and from students during this week's school-shooting lockdown. / Kottke

An animation shows anomalies in the daily sea surface temperature since the start of 2023. / X

A blue supermoon, a celestial rarity, reaches its fullest stage tonight. / NPR

More than 230,000 people are without power on Florida's Gulf Coast after the arrival of Hurricane Idalia. / CNN

Nearly two million gallons of water flooded New York's Midtown area and the Times Square subway station. / CBS News

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This weekend's $4-movie-day led to teen brawls in California. / The Los Angeles Times

iFixit petitions the government to let it hack and repair McDonald's notoriously troubled ice cream machines. / The Verge

Matt Birchler: If you love something on the internet, download it before it's gone. / Birchtree

New stamps feature microscopic creatures. Old drawings show Viennese coffee drinkers. A Japanese lodge sprouts cherry trees. / Colossal, Flashbak, Spoon & Tamago