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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Please clap.

The US lost another vital month in responding to COVID-19, pretty much plateauing in its number of daily coronavirus tests.

The White House says its coronavirus task force will wrap up around the end of this month.

A series of interactive simulations to explain how epidemics grow.

According to a complaint filed with the House Oversight Committee, Kushner's coronavirus team had people assigned to tasks for which they had no relevant experience.

The government scientist who said he resisted political pressure to push the use of hydroxychloroquine has now filed a whistleblower complaint.

Contradicting Trump and Pompeo's claims, intelligence assessments say the coronavirus likely came from a Chinese market, not a lab.

Fifteen children in New York City have been hospitalized with a multi-organ inflammatory illness possibly related to the coronavirus.

For some good health news: A fungal, parasitic microbe looks like it protects mosquitoes against malaria.

US cities are taking advantage of empty streets by accelerating planned or delayed construction projects.

"The days of logging off at the end of the workday and focusing on other things until morning...might be gone for good."

As the Korea Baseball Organization’s season begins this week on ESPN, a KBO primer for MLB fans hungry for live baseball.

See also: A video compilation of South Korean baseball’s tradition of bat flipping, a move that's regarded as an affront in American baseball.

Largely forgotten, Switzerland's outdoor exercise stations have seen a resurgence in popularity during the pandemic.

This weekend, a right-wing American entrepreneur tried to launch a coup in Venezuela via amphibious invasion. It failed.

"As in 1918, people are again hearing hollow assurances at odds with the reality of hospitals and morgues filling up."

"I will not know what to do with myself." Letters from the 1918 quarantine that could have been written in 2020.

Photos documenting Brooklyn stoop life during quarantine, by Francesca Magnani.

Late-night hosts are proving that sometimes we really do need laugh tracks to know when something is funny.

Watch: There is now a talk show hosted within Animal Crossing.

ICYMI: To socially distance at Passover—maybe next year—consider a DIY Haggadah, e.g., a Jerry Seinfeld-themed Seder.

When you're tired of using Zoom but still want to meet up online, try a virtual world instead.

Augmented-reality cut and paste will let you add real-world objects to documents.

Most ransomware needs live human hackers, but a new strain self-propagates, and has so far proven frighteningly effective.

The Stranglers' keyboardist, Dave Greenfield, who wrote the band's biggest hit, "Golden Brown," has died at 71 from COVID-19.

Loving these monochromatic, crosshatched shapes drawn in pen by Albert Chamillard.

The Fifty photo series is publishing a photo collection for a new US state every week this year.