As of this morning, the US Senate is still up for grabs with Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, and Wisconsin in play. / Politico

Republicans are expected to retake control of the House, even if a "red wave" or "red tsunami" isn't getting them there. / Wake Up to Politics

Barton Gellman: Sometime next year, after an interval of performative investigations, Republicans in the House are going to impeach Joe Biden. / The Atlantic

Fwiw: According to exit polls, only 39% of American voters have a favorable view of Trump. / NBC News

Vermont, Michigan and California enshrine the right to abortion in their constitution. Kentucky rejects a constitutional amendment. / BBC News

Massachusetts elects the country's first lesbian governor. Florida elects Congress's first Gen Z member. / CBS News, NPR

Camilla, Britain's Queen Consort, recently changed her last name to R., which stands for "Rex," which means "ruler" in Latin. / Gawker

Switzerland promises to cut its greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030—by paying poorer nations to cut theirs and give Switzerland credit. / The New York Times

Dutch students design a car that captures carbon while it drives. / CNet

From August: Only a handful of people make a living from building crosswords, thanks to structural problems in the industry. / The New Republic

See also: "I'm a Black woman who creates crossword puzzles. That's rare, but it shouldn't be." / The Washington Post

"Glued to the inside of your mouth this very moment (there's a 50% chance) may be plump bacter­ial caterpillars." The best first paragraph we've read in a while, from an article about bacteria. / Small Things Considered