Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: ready, set – wait, really?

Rohingya refugees, hurricane debris, the President getting the finger: here are the top 25 news photos of 2017.

Wind-driven wildfires burn out of control around Los Angeles; officials predict a tough battle for the rest of this week.

“The President stole your land.” Patagonia will sue the White House over Trump’s rollback of national monuments.

Trump's Utah ploy is consistent with US history—"making a land-management promise to Indians, only to later renege."

The White House will break with decades of diplomacy if Trump recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and defies global opinion. Hamas has already threatened to start a new infitada.

“Ready acceptance of vogue words seems to some people the sign of an alert mind; to others it stands for the herd instinct and lack of individuality.” A quick appraisal of the uncanny H. W. Fowler, who boiled down the entire Oxford Dictionary.

In light of the death of Yemen's ex-president, here’s a look at the Arab Spring's fallout in the fates of five strongmen.

The biggest part of Russia’s ban from the upcoming Winter Games? Suspending its Olympic Committee "with immediate effect."

Danish immigration officials target an American academic for sharing research with Danish parliamentarians.

Seamstresses on strike used fashion to challenge assumptions about American labor.

Video: The first late-stage trial is announced for prescription video games.

Paris loses its Elvis, Johnny Hallyday, who sold more than 100 million records over decades despite being fairly unknown outside France.

"Clouds passing, sunlight flickering, leaves moving." A list of minimalist masterpieces from Japan found on YouTube.

Your random art of the day: paintings of beach bodies, of all ages, by Daniel Wimmer.

Elton John and his mum had a rough relationship. E.g., she once hired an Elton John tribute act for her birthday.

In case today’s one of those days where you feel like chucking it in, here’s a short film where you meet Tanya, caretaker of a hut on New Zealand’s Greenstone-Caples trail.