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President Biden will announce a $2 trillion package of infrastructure spending to be paid for by a substantial increase in corporate taxes. / The New York Times

Why isn't the Federal Reserve more worried about inflation? Because even if the economy booms again, it's still in bad shape for millions of Americans. / The Washington Post

Many billionaire philanthropists ended this past year (much) wealthier than when they started. / Vox

Senator Elizabeth Warren calls for more oversight in the financial system after the meltdown of Bill Hwang's private investment firm. / Bloomberg

Debate in the United States over whether and how to develop "vaccine passports" reflects global disarray on the issue. / The Washington Post

Zeynap Tufekci: The vaccine news is getting better every day. / Insight

Another reason to wear masks post-vaccination? The tamping down of communicable diseases. / NPR

Politifact calls out Facebook for allowing vaccine misinformation to "persist" on its site (Politifact is one of Facebook's fact checking partners). Meanwhile, Snopes calls out the platform for continuing to host a group linked to the Capitol attack. / Politifact, Snopes

Ted Chiang: We fear and yearn for "the singularity"—computers making themselves smarter—but it will probably never come. / The New Yorker

A new report says the UK is not yet a "post-racial country," but its success in tackling race-based disparity "should be regarded as a model for other white-majority countries." / BBC News

Mary Retta: American capitalism is an indiscriminate killer, and any warring among the generations won't improve it. / bitchmedia

Related: What was Chandler Bing's job? Flailing upward. / The Atlantic

Remembering an unseen vérité documentary of Britney Spears in 2002. / Vanity Fair

The cat filter that became a lawyer's screen during a court hearing was all because of an old setting on Dell computers. / The Morning News

Analysis of the names of 6,816 complexion products reveals bias in the beauty industry. / The Pudding

Photographs of the interiors of California's fringe spiritual sect or cult-like groups. / The Guardian

A swan is "terrorizing" residents of an English village with persistent door-knocking. / CBC