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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Row row row your squash

Ed Yong: Brain fog, one of Long Covid's worst symptoms, leaves people struggling with minds "that are less nimble than before." / The Atlantic

China's zero-Covid policy is stressful for students, but perhaps much worse for their teachers. / Sixth Tone

Europe follows the US, kinda, with a plan to ban goods made with forced labor, in response to China's treatment of ethnic Uyghurs. / The New York Times

See also: "I don't think it's that China can't be stopped—but we're not willing to pay for the costs of stopping China." / Vox

Ukrainian troops apply pressure to retreating Russian forces. / The Associated Press

A Napoleon-inspired analysis of recent Ukrainian success. Also, an explainer on why Azerbaijan and Armenia are fighting again. / Twitter, The Economist 

Kenya's "No Sex for Fish" cooperative, famous 10 years ago for ingenuity, gets back to work after a series of crises. / Goats and Soda

Profiles of a pair of female python hunters in Florida. "It's sort of a tragic, comedic story." / The Los Angeles Times

Researchers and veterinary organizations want greater oversight for dog training, where anyone can be an expert. / Undark

Interview with a woman behind a startup offering psychedelic therapy insurance. "We're not currently covering at-home treatment." / The Microdose

A Belgian artist uses software to compare public camera footage with Instagram photos taken nearby. / TMN

If you rotate and screengrab an image 100+ times on your smartphone, the image gets lost "in the quantum foam of the universe." / xkcd

Ellen Falterman leaves on a bid to circumnavigate the globe in a rowboat. / The New Yorker

Headline of the week? "Nebraska Man Makes World's Longest Journey by Pumpkin Boat." / Smithsonian Magazine