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Wednesday Headlines: Scary violin music.

The House Intelligence Committee voted to send its impeachment report to the House Judiciary Committee, which will determine whether the findings constitute high crimes or misdemeanors.

Kamala Harris ends her presidential campaign, citing a lack of financial resources.

ICE contracted with McKinsey to find "detention savings opportunities.” Among the consultants’ recommendations were cuts to migrants' medical care and supervision costs—suggestions some agency staff thought were too harsh.

How documentation errors and other gaps in medical oversight are contributing to the deaths of detainees in ICE custody.

"Even though Britain is still formally a parliamentary system...it’s become more presidential."

The stigma surrounding abortion has largely eroded in the public eye, though the burden has been on women to make that a reality.

Rather than install measures to prevent sex offenders from using its free apps, Match prefers to tell users to use "common sense."

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TikTok's anti-bullying policy discriminated against users with disabilities and "high risk" traits by limiting their video reach.

In an international test of reading comprehension, just 9% of 15-year-olds could tell the difference between fact and opinion.

In visualizations comparing cities' air quality, New Delhi's particulate pollution is literally off the chart.

An interactive simulation lets you adjust various contributors to climate change and see how it affects our projected temperature increase by 2100.

Audubon's how-to guide for taking climate action on a personal level.

The Overstory author Richard Powers shares 26 more books about trees.

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"I don't know if I want my bow touching that monstrosity." Professional violinists try out cheap violins purchased off Amazon.

Adam Koford's bootleg Peanuts comics capture the wonder and dread of the original Charles Schultz strips.

Retail workers describe how they survive the horrors of having to listen to Christmas music for hours on end.

There’s gold to be found in Glorious Noise’s “50 years ago in Rolling Stone” series.

A vast archive of the dynamic ranges of individual albums.

Britain's Apostrophe Protection Society closes, with the founder admitting "ignorance and laziness" have won.

The board game Operation was invented by a university student, and was originally about searching for water in a desert.

"This is a simple apple, pleasant but lacking nuance." An in-depth review of the Lucy Rose apple.

Photos of frozen landscapes, by Nigel Agar.