Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Science plus politics equals politics

In what's thought to be the first case, a baby contracted COVID-19 while still in the womb (and has made a full recovery).

Echocardiograms of COVID-19 patients show heart damage in 55% of the scans. One in seven have "severe abnormalities."

Some first-person reporting: “I took every precaution I could, I’m under thirty, and I am infected. Moreover, this is not an easy burden to bear. As I type this, an elephant is sitting on my chest.”

“The day before I boarded a plane from New York, my youngest sister sent me a text message that froze me in place. ‘Brother, it looks like all of the Sandovales have Covid,’ it read in Spanish.”

“I stumble past that incinerated cop car, a more suitable replacement for this year’s canceled Burning Man.”

Vibrant face masks hand-embroidered on vintage photos, by Han Cao.

The White House orders hospitals to bypass the CDC and send all patient information to a central database in Washington.

Four former directors of the CDC: “No president ever politicized its science the way Trump has.”

The author of The Great Influenza: "When you mix science and politics, you get politics.” See also: takeaways from Tuesday’s primaries.

US government data on PPP is riddled with errors. E.g., it includes at least 35 different spellings of "Chicago."

A map of hyper-partisan news sites that are focused on local reporting. Some may be legitimate, but it's not easy to tell.

This week, archaeologists and forensic scientists began digging in search of mass graves from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre.

America's first suburb, Levittown, NY, was built to exclude families of color, stating as much in its leasing terms.

"In the aftermath of the Civil War, they killed free Blacks with impunity." The Texas Rangers weren't heroes. Rename the team.

The Atlanta Braves say their name "honors" Native Americans, but has an advisory board reviewing the "Tomahawk Chop" motion.

Lipstick sales are decreasing during the pandemic, while nail-care and hair-color product sales have increased dramatically.

An ode to the restaurant buffet, which may not return any time soon.

LSD usage has been steadily rising among Millennials and Gen X over the past three years, possibly as "a therapeutic mechanism."

Disembodied shadows from selfies taken at US national parks, then painted to resemble vintage postcards, by Brea Souders.

A psychology study finds that music listeners prefer artists with personalities similar to their own.

Take a beautiful, hypnotic journey across recursive landscapes in Theo Tagholm's music video for Lumiere's "Doppler."

A medieval-style—aka "bardcore"—cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."