Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Seen but not heard.

One-way flights out of Russia sell out as Putin mobilizes 300,000 reservists. / Reuters

In what Ukraine and Western leaders are calling a sham referendum, Russian-controlled regions in Ukraine are voting on whether to become part of Russia. / Associated Press

Ranking states based on where it's easiest (Oregon) and hardest (New Hampshire) to vote. / The New York Times

Behind many of the moves to ban LGBTQ-themed books from schools and public libraries are from conservative groups that didn't exist a year ago. / Motherboard

Before-and-after satellite photos show the stunning extent of the flooding in Pakistan. / Reuters

Three of the migrants who were flown to Martha's Vineyard are now suing DeSantis and other Florida officials, claiming they were tricked into leaving. / Miami Herald

Related: San Antonio's sheriff has launched a criminal investigation into the flights. / The Texas Tribune

Diplomats keep gifting Janet Yellen with stamps, mistakenly believing she's an avid collector—though in 2013 her collection was worth as much as $50,000. / The Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post

The US Dept. of the Interior has released a map of the locations it has renamed to no longer use an ethnic, sexist slur for Indigenous women. / USGS

"This is what stalkers dream of." Criticism of the recent project connecting Instagram posts to surveillance cams. / Hyperallergic

See also: How colleges use AI to monitor student protests. / The Dallas Morning News

A new proposal for US medical guidelines wants doctors to screen all adults under 65 for anxiety, citing evidence for the effectiveness of treatments. / NBC News

"At the end of the Queue is a hall, and in the hall is a box, and in the box is an idea of something immense and important and almost over that used to be a person." / GQ