Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Setting our Tinder location to Wuhan.

Biden closes in on the Democratic nomination with primary wins in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho.

Coronavirus cases pass 115,000 worldwide, including at least 1,000 in the US.

"In most cases, symptoms are mild, and young people are at very low risk." Reasons to be reassured about Covid-19.

Portraits of delivery drivers in China. One company needs to hire 20,000 additional workers to meet demand from quarantined homes.

It’s not easy to get uncensored news out of Wuhan—unless you set your Tinder location there.

Quarantined Wuhan students work together to avoid doing schoolwork by getting their homework app booted off the app store.

As universities cancel classes due to virus concerns, Amherst College asks students to simply stay home after spring break, same for Harvard and MIT.

A coronavirus case study of responses from arts organizations in San Francisco and Seattle.

Detroit will restore water service to unpaid homes to allow people to wash their hands to avoid Covid-19.

In case you're not done with millennial pink or the self-care movement: illustrations by Rosi Tooth.

Since December, at least nine US citizens and one French national were kidnapped in Haiti and released after ransoms were paid.

In case your mind needs soothing this week, some brief footage of bookbinding.

Related: Typography clinics conducted on Twitter. Even better: Austin Kleon explains how to make your own zine with a single sheet of paper.

Taco Bell Quarterly is "the literary magazine for Taco Bell Arts and Letters."

If your emails run long, it's likely no one in the office is reading them. Tips on getting your message through the fog.

Watch: Big-wave surfing on a hydrofoil, a surfboard attachment that makes riders look like they’re floating above the ocean.