Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Shake your globe thing

A list of companies, updated daily, that have left Russia, and those that continue to operate undeterred. / Yale School of Management

Ukraine pays $215 to all workers who have lost their jobs due to the invasion. / The Economist

What we know on day 21 of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. / The Guardian

Brittney Griner, "arguably the greatest female basketball player of all time," has been detained in Moscow. / BBC News

A top Wikipedia editor has been arrested for "distributing fake anti-Russian information." / Haaretz

Something to remember as Ketanji Brown Jackson fields questions in the Senate: the history of confirmation hearings is rooted in desegregation. / Balls and Strikes

A relatively quick read on the 400 years of context that inform the value of names for Black Americans. / Andscape

Another study finds that being born male and having strong masculine traits are linked to an inflated intellectual self-image. / The Conversation

Kristen Arnett: ​​I know what it's like to be a Florida teen who can't say gay. / TIME

"The end of passwords." "Practical fusion reactors." Some breakthrough technologies for 2022. / MIT Technology Review

Shoppers complain about Walgreens fridge doors being replaced with screens that show them ads. / CNN

Starbucks launches multiple tests to get rid of disposable cups, which account for 20% of the company's global waste. / CNBC

The first library card catalogs were made using playing cards. / Futility Closet

The Tournament of Books, presented by Field Notes, enters Week Two. / The Tournament of Books

"We're trying to do something a little more, a little extra." The production designer behind Inventing Anna talks about building a "richer" version of New York City. / dezeen

After a two-year pandemic hiatus, the "Mister Global Pageant" is back—men wearing (frequently skimpy) national costumes. / BuzzFeed