Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: She resisted

The second night of the Democrats’ convention offers moments of confusion, but also some unexpected joy. / Vox

“The program’s very existence was a kind of political argument: If this doesn’t look normal, it’s because none of this is normal right now.” / The New York Times

Why are networks only airing an hour of the Democrats’ convention? They fear if they gave more, they’d need to give Trump’s lies more, too. / The Daily Beast

A report from within the Trump reelection machine includes the story of the downfall of campaign manager Brad Parscale. / New York Magazine

"My discussions concerned the shapes of their names." How the Biden-Harris logo came together so quickly. / Typography.com

The US postmaster general suspends the new Postal Service initiatives that drew widespread criticism. / The Associated Press

Headline for the moment: "It Cost Me $64 to Vote in the Georgia Primary Elections." / The Root

Protests grow in Belarus over hosting a transparently fraudulent election with Russia’s backing. Putin tells Germany and France not to interfere. / NPR

The final Senate report on Russia interference in the 2016 election finds direct ties between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence. / NPR

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the 19th Amendment, ostensibly granting all women the right to vote. / CNBC

See also: “She Resisted,” an interactive guide to strategies of suffrage. / PBS

“Digital redlining” is when internet companies say some areas aren’t worth providing infrastructure. It explains why millions of American students don’t have broadband. / The Atlantic

“If we find a creek or something there’s no holding back.” Three teenagers from San Francisco are cycling across the country. / The New York Times

California confirms its first case of plague in five years, acquired by a flea bite, health officials believe. / The Los Angeles Times

In South Carolina, areas with mask mandates see a 46% drop in coronavirus cases compared to areas without. / Forbes

An essay about walking through Austin’s cemeteries during the pandemic. / Places Journal

Wuhan hasn't had a local coronavirus case since mid-May, which means 15,000 people can visit a water park without masks. / BBC News

Jon Lee Anderson, perhaps his generation’s most intrepid foreign correspondent, seems to be using lockdown to write his memoirs. / The New Yorker

A new coronavirus hobby for Britain: tours of cruise ships anchored off England's south coast. / BBC News

“Anonymouse” installs miniature shops and homes for mice around Europe. / The Morning News

A car-size asteroid flew within 1,830 miles of Earth over the weekend. / Business Insider

A brief film about “the Fayum Portraits,” Egyptian funerary paintings that were made amid the fall of Rome. / The Morning News

Because it's autumn somewhere? Hard seltzer now available in pumpkin spice. / delish