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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Shock me.

"We have seen what we thought was unseeable." Scientists have released the first-ever photo of a black hole.

Appearing before a House subcommittee, Barr defends his four-page summary of the Mueller report, telling lawmakers they don't have the authority to view the full report, and says he'll make a redacted version of the report available "within a week."

After a tight race, and with more than 95% of the votes counted, Netanyahu appears to have won a fifth term as Israel's prime minister.

In efforts to mitigate a measles outbreak, New York City orders mandatory vaccinations in four ZIP codes.

America's largest yoga chain is a pyramid scheme that's scammed thousands of teachers, promising enlightenment, but not wages.

A study finds running an electrical current through people's brains for 25 minutes reverses age-related memory decline.

Should we turn off your livestreaming app while you’re being treated? Imagining the future bureaucracy of death.

The design evolution of the periodic table of elements.

Americans are terrible at saving money. Lending circles are one answer, except Americans are terrible at responsibility.

A brief history of the independent creators who built YouTube, which is now throttling their earnings, favoring celebrities.

As outlets dry up, fringe music is getting pushed further to the margins.

DeviantArt's chief creative officer on the internet mainstay's relaunch and finding new ways to help artists profit.

To gather listener data, radio advertisers in the 1930s and 1940s relied on a device that registered when the dial was changed.

The forest enclosed me like some sort of massive tree convention at the Javits Center. I gazed out over the serene creek, jealous of its shimmering ignorance. Then, after a deep breath of Amarillo’s sweet mountain air, I threw the fishing string out into the salty water. Poorly researched men’s fiction.

The concentrations of water toponyms in the US: place names that contain "lake," "river," "spring," "pond," "bay," or "swamp."