Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: Snowman’s land

Millions in Texas are still without power, while more snow and ice are expected to sweep across the South and East in the coming days. / The New York Times

"It's worse than a hurricane. I think we are going to be more days without light, that is what it seems like." / The Los Angeles Times

About seventy percent of the US is currently covered in snow. / Bloomberg

President Biden signs an executive order extending the moratorium on mortgage foreclosures by three months to June 30. / CBS News

How to shrink the Black-white wealth gap in the United States? One proposal: Baby bonds. / Vox

Helen Branswell on the myth of "good" and "bad" Covid vaccines. / STAT

A new study speculates that humidity inside people's masks may help combat respiratory diseases such as Covid-19. / National Institutes of Health

How to find authentic N95 and KN95 masks online. / The New York Times

A "major breakthrough" in lung cancer research: using CT scans to detect the disease early in smokers and ex-smokers. / The Guardian

"If you can find that joy, it can keep you rooted in what you're doing this for." An interview with the head of 500 Women Scientists, which now has more than 20,000 members. / STAT

The FBI launches a new website with hopes to identify more than 200 suspects linked to the Capitol attack. / HuffPost

A round-up of the various investigations into the attack being pursued by Congress. / Lawfare

Politicians, celebrities and business leaders adapt to a new world beyond the attention inflation of the last four years. / Axios

How Facebook went about creating a global court for the Internet. / The New Yorker

What will we all be wearing post-pandemic? Perhaps AVAVAV's four-toed "monster boots" made from scraps. / designboom

Caroline Shaw resists trying to reverse classical music's decline. / The Atlantic

"I was very predictable, static and controllable." Stephan Gladieu explains how he was able to shoot portraits in North Korea. / It's Nice That

A Buffy fan unpacks the Joss Whedon controversy. / The LAnd Mag

Highlights from a Twitter thread of journalists describing their worst interview subjects. / MetaFilter