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This week's World Economic Forum in Davos is catnip for online conspiracy theorists. / The Associated Press

McKinsey executives at Davos say Gen Z workers are more comfortable than millennials working for corporations. / Business Insider

The head of the United Nations accuses fossil fuel companies of refusing to abandon a business model "inconsistent with human survival." / The Guardian

How to restore water storage by making bricks in a factory powered by methane emissions. / The Cleanest Line

See also: How beautiful Japanese manhole covers are constructed. / Kottke

The United States spends billions each year on snow and ice removal. / The Hustle

An investigation finds the remains of more than 110,000 Native Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Alaska Natives held by museums, universities, and federal agencies. / ProPublica

A historian argues for marking the end of the first half of human history at 1763. / Age of Revolutions

A reading of John Le Carré's (mostly business) correspondence finds him struggling against deceit. / The New Yorker

Over the last 12 months, San Francisco has seen the second-biggest worker population gain of any area in the United States (after Austin). / LinkedIn

Students at the University of Texas can carry firearms on campus, but they can't use TikTok. / Rolling Stone

Related: There's a decent chance TikTok will soon be banned in the US. / Vox

CNET is found to be publishing articles generated by an unspecified "AI engine" that's prone to errors. Corrections are being issued. / Futurism, Twitter

Unrelated: Junk drawers recreated in papier-mâché. / Colossal