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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Still no justice, still no peace.

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd. / Star Tribune

The conviction is exceedingly rare. For the sake of comparison, police officers are prosecuted for murder in less than 2% of fatal shootings. / Vox

See also: The Chauvin verdict isn't justice. But finally, it's a moment of accountability. / BuzzFeed News

The Chauvin verdict removes the pressure for police reform, allowing politicians to continue delaying meaningful action. / Axios

About 20 minutes before the verdict was announced, Columbus police shot and killed 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant. / The Columbus Dispatch

According to her family, Ma'Khia Bryant called police for help after she'd been threatened with assault by a group of "older kids." / NPR

As of right now, police have killed 319 people in 2021. / Mapping Police Violence

We'll pause a vaccine with a one in one million risk, but we won't address the one in 1,000 lifetime risk for Black men, or one in 1,800 risk for Latino men, of being killed by police. / STAT

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine rollout will resume in Europe, though the EU regulator wants a warning label on the shot. / The New York Times

No one knows if vaccines can disrupt menstrual cycles, and a big reason for that is a general lack of medical research into menstruation. / The New York Times

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The EU says Russia's military presence at its border with Ukraine is larger than ever, at more than 100,000 personnel. / Bloomberg

"The secret plan concocted by billionaires in the middle of a devastating pandemic appears to have been consigned to the trash in just 48 hours." The European Super League is no more. / Quartz

The company behind McDonald's soft-serve machines doesn't want anyone—including clients—to know why its hardware always breaks. / WIRED

Amazon says a delivery van Brooklynites spotted being used to steal metal barricades is a "counterfeit." / VICE

Nextdoor introduces a feature that lets users know when they're about to post something racist. / The Verge

"You chose the name Austin because you fear that in this country, a name like Tyrone will get your son killed." Tyrone Fleurizard, "How to Name Your Black Son in a Racist Country." / The Audacity

According to USPS data, the pandemic didn't change where people moved to or away from. / The New York Times

Post-pandemic, carbon emissions are set for their biggest increase since the financial crisis, pushing climate goals further from reach. / The Guardian

The Biden administration is working on a plan to cut US greenhouse gas emissions at least in half by the end of the decade. / The Washington Post

Due to Covid, this year's British Town Crier Championships will be held in silence—entrants will be judged on written cries alone. / The Guardian

"I was also setting myself up for the day, and felt a comfort I hadn't felt in months." The pandemic destroyed routines. / The New York Times

Lego meets Afrofuturism in intricate sculptures by Ekow Nimako. / Colossal