Contradicting Mnuchin, a confidential IRS memo says Trump's tax returns must be handed over to Congress, unless the president invokes executive privilege.

In more than 500 demonstrations, thousands marched yesterday in the US as part of #StopTheBans. Here are photos from the protests.

In the past six months, 21,000 US women requested abortion pills online, according to the charity Aid Access. Three-quarters of the orders were from states with strict anti-abortion abortion laws.

Related: Refusing to comply with FDA demands, the Dutch doctor who founded Aid Access intends to continue prescribing and sending abortion pills to women in the US.

"If it weren't for women, Alabama would be broke." Hundreds of Alabama women speak out on their state's abortion restrictions.

Cancer and heart disease deaths in the US dropped by around 20% between 1999 and 2011. And while cancer deaths continued to fall through 2017, cardiovascular-related deaths rose 4% during that time.

In a study of DIY sunscreen recipes found on Pinterest, researchers say most don't provide adequate UV protection.

A Toronto indie record label is offering to help its artists pay for mental health and addiction-related services.

Ice sheet melt has accelerated: A study predicts sea levels will rise by almost six feet by 2100—doubling previous estimates.

“A Pakistani immigrant ended up with a $780,000 medallion loan that left him unable to pay rent.” How medallion brokers inflated the price of entry for New York City cabbies, possibly pushing some drivers to suicide.

PBS in Alabama didn't air the Arthur same-sex marriage episode. Doing so, says its director of programming, would be a “violation of trust” between parents and the station.

Washington becomes the first US state to legalize human composting.

Watch: How a plant changed in a three-year time-lapse video.

For 36 years, a telephone hotline has been telling wildflower lovers where to find California's best blooms each week.

In the early 20th century, Alfred Stielgitz's hidden art gallery at 291 Fifth Ave. introduced modern art to America.

This week's ambience: White noise (plus sound effects) inspired by Castle Black in Game of Thrones.