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Wednesday headlines: Taxes mundi

ProPublica publishes tax and income details of people like Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett to expose how the wealthy avoid income tax. / ProPublica

As a result, internal and external investigations are beginning—to find out who leaked. / The Wall Street Journal

Your weekly white paper: Less educated citizens in democracies are much less trustful of science than their counterparts in non-democracies. / Marginal Revolution

Regularly updated charts show how many people have received a coronavirus vaccine. / BuzzFeed News

A new app can scan recreational pills for dosage, risk level, and predicted side effects. / It's Nice That

Two blocks from Central Park, the world's tallest residential building nears completion at 1,550 feet. / dezeen

See also: The concept of numbers seems to be inextricably connected to core aspects of our existence. / Stephen Wolfram

The average Uber ride costs 40% more than it did a year ago. The average daily rate of an Airbnb increased 35%. / The New York Times

In case you enjoy Formula One: Analysis of the braking issue that cost Lewis Hamilton the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. / FiA

Ford's chief engineer behind the electric F150 is Linda Zhang, who arrived in the US from China when she was eight. / The Drive

More than 20 million people bought Hanfu last year—traditional Han Chinese costumes—on the shopping site Taobao. / Jing Daily

Here are some Hermès Birkin bags made out of vegetables. / Ben Denzer

Tennis participation is up 22% in the US in 2020. It's also one of the sports, along with golf, driving fashion for Gen Z. / Vogue Business

When tennis players need to change a match’s momentum, they go to the bathroom. (Ergo, Novak Djokovic.) / Racquet Magazine

Video footage of Simone Biles in extremely slow motion. / Twitter

A 15-minute highlight reel of animals using a popular game trail in Northern Minnesota’s Voyageurs National Park. / The Morning News