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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: That $#@^%#! horse is still in the hospital.

Normally silent about the doings of the White House, Obama responds to Trump’s plan to pull out of the Iran deal.

Trump’s plan to abandon the nuclear deal, with no alternative policy in place, puts “US diplomacy on a collision course with some of Washington's closest allies.”

Even Trump’s ideological supporters worry he’ll bungle what comes next.

Fact-checkers scrutinize Trump’s claims about the Iran deal.

Unhappy with how he is talked about on television, Trump threatens to revoke news networks’ press credentials.

Almost two dozen journalists were beaten or detained across Russia on the eve of Putin’s inauguration.

Video: John Mulaney says Trump is basically a horse set loose in a hospital (starts around 7:20).

Sessions announces a “zero tolerance” border policy for anyone crossing illegally; the plan is to split up any families.

Don Blankenship lost, “Cocaine Mitch” won, and other headlines from this week’s primary elections.

Headline of the week: “First Eric Schneiderman was investigating Cy Vance Jr. Now Cy Vance Jr. is investigating Eric Schneiderman."

The astonishing story of a man who, thanks to a banking glitch, gained unlimited access to cash.

Facebook is accused of introducing Islamic State extremists to one another through the "suggested friends" widget.

The NHL tells a serial licker to knock it off. He says he thought his opponents "wanted to cuddle."

The US military buildup in Somalia, ostensibly to fight al-Shabaab, has implications across the Middle East.

The widow of "China's Nelson Mandela" says she is ready to die in protest after seven years under house arrest.

Seventy percent of Koreans under 30 need glasses, but 60% say they've never seen a women wear glasses at work.

To understand the controversy around Black Barbie’s hair, you need to grasp Mattel's slowness at showing diversity.

Photographs of menswear from this year's Catholic-themed Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala.

Scientists are concerned about an uptick in sightings of whales without tails.

Scientists explain why “Poet Voice” is so grating to the ear.

Novelist Ian McEwan helps his son with an essay about one of his own books. The teacher gives his son a C.

Video: Why tumbleweeds tend to tumble.

In this month’s Tournament of Books Nonfiction Pop-up, bestselling memoirist Sarah Hepola joins us to discuss the second half of Roxane Gay’s Hunger.