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As 2023 begins, the world's most important climate system remains locked in La Niña. / The Economist

Iranian security forces use ambulances against protesters. They also use sexual assault. / The New York Times, CNN

Workers at Foxconn's iPhone factory protest pay, working conditions, strict Covid regulations. / Reuters

See also: Why isn't the whole world rich? (Also, why don't weather forecasts mention climate change?) / Asterisk Magazine, NPR

More than a third of Twitter's top 100 advertisers have abandoned the platform in the last two weeks. / The Washington Post

Rebecca Jennings: Stop taking billionaires at their word. / Vox

To break even, James Cameron's Avatar sequel needs to rake in $2 billion. Meanwhile, Amazon's Alexa is expected to lose $10 billion this year. / Reliable Sources, Ars Technica

"I couldn't bring myself to face a sellout crowd." Some reasons why as many as half of concert tickets purchased now go unused. / Dada Drummer Almanach

By the nineteenth century, readers felt lost in a sea of print, "exacerbated by new print technologies and cheap reprints flooding the marketplace." / Lapham's Quarterly

A new online map displays the span of the entire known cosmos, using data previously only accessible to scientists. / Map of the Universe

In case you missed it from earlier this week: Sixty-eight works of fiction from 2022 longlisted for the 2023 ToB (presented by Field Notes), now available. / Field Notes, The Morning News