Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: That sidekick hustle

The Chinese government has organized a campaign to produce and spread thousands of videos in which citizens deny Beijing’s abuses against their communities. / ProPublica

Morgan Stanley plans to bar unvaccinated staff from its New York headquarters. / BBC News

Junaid Nabi: Vaccine hesitancy and refusal in the US are a sign of extreme privilege. / NPR

Nicholas St. Fleur: Chadwick Boseman’s tragedy is America’s tragedy—especially in the rate of Black men dying from colon cancer. / STAT

Lawyers for Nikole Hannah-Jones say she won’t join UNC without tenure. Meanwhile, a number of Black faculty are considering leaving.  / The Raleigh News & Observer, Chapelboro

Based on the replies, young people on Twitter would not seem to desire being lectured by venture capitalists on how to spend their time. / VICE

Amazon’s “Prime Day” is a completely artificial and pointless commercial celebration “conjured out of thin air to sell more stuff that no one needs.” / A Continuous Lean

What is "cryptidcore?" An aesthetic based around mythical creatures and the looks to be worn when hunting them in the woods. / i-D

Rare species of cactus may be driven to extinction by poachers who steal them from South America and ship them to collectors. / CBC

The topography of the African continent, mapped. / East of Nowhere

Big cities are creating small-footprint, native forests as hyperlocal responses to large-scale environmental challenges. / National Geographic

See also: How do you solve a problem like Los Angeles? / The New York Times

More than five million people became millionaires in 2020 despite economic damage from the pandemic. / BBC News

Fifty percent of new cannabis consumers are smoking five or more days per week; 22% of new consumers use multiple times per day. / Forbes

A brief profile of a man who put out fires with music. / Culture Notes of an Honest Broker

“It all makes sense when you look back at it.” Andy Richter looks back on his career as a sidekick. / The New York Times

Less than a week remains for you to potentially win a limited-edition piece of art—i.e., a skateboard deck—inspired by Everything Now, the new nonfiction book from TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin. / The Morning News