Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: The big Yeezy

If net-zero goals are to be met, by 2050 the world needs no fewer than 200 million public charging points for electric vehicles. / The Economist

Many unions representing workers affected by climate legislation have struck deals, but opposition from coal miners persists. / The New York Times

See also: The top news photographs of the year. / The Atlantic

Migration experts don't expect the flow of new Texans to slow anytime soon—and "it's a wash as far as Republicans vs. Democrats." / Texas Monthly

The Justice Department sues Texas to prevent the state from implementing a redistricting plan designed to disenfranchise non-white voters. Too bad the Supreme Court "hates the Voting Rights Act." / The Root, Vox

Interview with the courtroom sketch artist covering the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. "I get lucky when they cry." / New York Magazine

Vincent Van Gogh used herring to represent policemen who hassled him after he mutilated his ear. / The Art Newspaper

Judd Legum: Want to be a criminal in America? "Stealing billions is your best bet to go scot-free." / The Guardian

Receipt printers at businesses around the world are being blasted with an anti-work manifesto. / VICE

One way to care less about work: find something to do that has no purpose or value other than you like it. / The Atlantic

Artist Ian Strange impaled a Sydney house with bars of light. / Colossal

The 11 most expensive books, folios, etc., sold by AbeBooks' in 2021. And, in case you missed it, the 16+ works of fiction from 2021 that'll compete in the 2022 Tournament of Books. / AbeBooks, The Morning News

See also: Everything Now by TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin gets picked for one of the year's best covers. / The AV Club

A small community of volunteers keeps Zora Neale Hurston's legacy alive in Florida. / Atlas Obscura

What it's like to wear a Yeezy Gap jacket in New York City: "​​If you love to talk to people, this is the coat for you." / The New York Times

A fifth annual installment of "the same interview" with Billie Eilish finds her still talking charmingly about identity, fashion, and her unfathomable level of fame. / The Morning News