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Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: The bluest guy.

The President visits Dayton and El Paso. Dayton’s mayor says Trump’s comments on guns are “unhelpful.” Leaders in El Paso urge Trump to stay away.

Venezuela and Uruguay issue a travel warning about the US, warning visitors about violence and hate crimes.

For 24 hours, 36 journalists spread across San Francisco to document the region's homelessness epidemic.

A linguist explains how he developed Google’s “Nigerian English” voice—without being seen as “biased” for one region or another.

NEC unveils a wobbly flying car in Abiko, outside Tokyo. It’s able to hover for about a minute using four propellers.

Microscopic “water bears,” possibly “the toughest animal in the known universe,” recently landed on the Moon.

A study suggests that seagulls find the human gaze terrifying.

Prepackaged salads occasionally include living animals. About 53% are frogs and toads.

Consumption of rosé wine is up in France, where people are eating less meat and appreciating the pink wine's "Instagrammability."

A regular pot smoker reviews samples from the drinkable marijuana market, which the booze industry is flooding with investment.

Now trending: “microbiome-friendly” skincare products, for people who prefer bacteria to soap for cleaning themselves.

Chinese photographer Guanyu Xu recently staged a massive art show inside his parents' apartment, only to dismantle it each day before they got home from work.

A brief tribute to Civilization, a new magazine that hates imagery, and other nice printed things.

A teacher explains why she teaches Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye, one of the American Library Association’s most challenged books.