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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The call is coming from the nursery.

When a leader in the field of scientific integrity pointed out errors in a hydroxychloroquine proponent's work, he went on the attack—and unleashed his followers. / BuzzFeed News

San Francisco temporarily shut down its only In-N-Out Burger location for not properly checking patrons' vaccination status. / NPR

Lockdown shrank our worlds—and our words. After losing vocabulary during the pandemic, a writer fights back. / One More Question

The new Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone can make and receive calls over Bluetooth. / Gizmodo

Because it's never too late to be scarred for life: a list of lesser-known horror movies. / The Morning News

Horror movie filming locations you can visit. / Atlas Obscura

"A rape claim against the Boy Scouts might entitle a survivor to as little as $3,300 under a nationwide proposal." / The Seattle Times

Macron denounces colonialism, but uses monetary policy to keep African ex-colonies tethered to France. / Foreign Policy

A trip to Agrafa, an area of Greece whose name means "unwritten," as it's so remote that it was once left off maps. / BBC

Possibly as a tribute, or maybe a marketing ploy, street artist Nullbureau has been painting street art godfather Richard Hambleton's famous Shadowman around New York City. / The New York Times

This is fascinating: An audio tour of New York's pirate radio stations. / Columbia Journalism Review

An illustrated guide to North America's indie bookstores, by Jamise Harper and Jane Mount. / Literary Hub

"A study has found that identical twins have more similar views on conservation and environmentalism than non-identical twins." / The Guardian

Watch: A history of orchestras from the 16th century to around the middle of the 20th century, when they ceased evolving. / The Morning News

A daily dose of synthesizer worship. / Instagram