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Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The Cantabrigian Candidate

Russia and the US rattle sabers over Syria, with military maneuvers by both nations—as well as a pair of Trump tweets that travel from aggressive to conciliatory within an hour of each other.

The midterms just got bleaker for Republicans, as House Speaker Paul Ryan tells colleagues he won't run for reelection. He intends to finish out his term and retire in January, with no immediate plans to return to politics.

This morning Mark Zuckerberg is at the Senate for his second day of testimony related to the Cambridge Analytica fiasco. He emerged from yesterday’s session mostly unscathed, though that was due to senators angling for soundbites while possessing very little knowledge of what Facebook even does. A fact-check of Zuckerberg’s testimony, however, shows his responses sometimes omitted context and contradicted earlier statements.

Based on interviews with cybersecurity and voting experts, a worst-case Election Day scenario of how Russia could steal the midterms.

Facebook introduces a tool that tells whether or not your data was shared with Cambridge Analytica. (But it’s missing a "deactivate account" button.)

Is it better to ask for forgiveness or for permission? Facebook's 14-year history of invading your privacy.

Trump's absurd wall is the latest iteration in 80 years of unworkable surveillance schemes at the Mexican border.

NATO faces a crisis of ideals as more of its Eastern European members slide into authoritarianism.

In the four months since taking over the CFPB, anti-CFPB head Mick Mulvaney hasn't enforced any actions or fines.

Visualizations of how much happens every second—e.g., Spotify track plays, McDonald's orders, and Facebook updates.

Why "war" is more urgent than "race": Studies find metaphors can dramatically swing public opinion.

SPONSORED: What is bipolar disorder? A guide to signs and symptoms—and how to get help.

Artist Tom Hammick's delicate Lunar Voyage tells a story of our collective dreams of space travel.

I was lying down for 23 hours out of 24 in a day, waiting and hoping that Duke would agree to see me. The pain was excruciating moment to moment. I felt waterlogged with sorrow. After a life-altering cerebrospinal fluid leak diagnosis, Jodi Ettenberg reflects on a year of healing.

A patient receives two CT scans—one costing 33 times more. The difference comes down to providers' bargaining power.

Scientists previously thought microbiomes outnumbered human cells 10-fold—it's actually a little over half.

While waiting in line, have visible cash in your hand as a tip. A few singles, maybe a $5 if you’re ordering for more than one person. When it’s your turn, walk up to the cutter and make sure they see you put the cash in their cup. This should happen before you order. How to order for the best experience at Katz’s Deli.

A new exhibit by Chris Schanck, "Unhomely," is a surreal collection of furniture wrapped in confectionery foil.

What happens when you aim elaborately timed lighting sequences at 50 disco balls in a darkened room.

Between 1933 and 1971, archaeologist Italo Gismondi created an intricate, 1:250 scale plaster model of Ancient Rome.