Headlines Edition

Wednesday headlines: The Einstein effect?

The Wuhan "lab leak" theory suddenly goes mainstream, leading to renewed calls for a real investigation. / The Washington Post

Jonathan Chait: Notice how the media originally dismissed the theory and smeared its supporters. / New York Magazine

Maggie Haberman: The media was responding to Trump making it instantly political. / Mediaite

Liberal Vermont loves its Republican governor (who hates Trump). / The Atlantic

Zak Cheney-Rice: The catastrophe isn't the rate at which the police kill. The catastrophe is the police. / New York Magazine

Profiles of Meet five women sustaining protest and hope in Minneapolis. / i-D

Ryan Murphy: We aren't going anywhere as a society if we think our art and literature don't improve over time. / Works in progress

Vulture releases its list of books to read this summer and includes a rave for the new nonfiction book from TMN's Rosecrans Baldwin. / Vulture

Related: Camp ToB, the summer extension of the Tournament of Books, starts a week from today! / The Morning News

From photographer Annie Lai, a series about young Chinese women living away from home. / Annie Lai

"Coconut Girl" is on TikTok's summer fashion moodboard. / Nylon

How "Adrian's kickback" became a zombie apocalypse of thousands of teenagers. / The New York Times

Did you know? Teachers at the University of Kansas supposedly do tequila shots with slivers of Einstein's brain. / The Morning News

A ride-along review of the new electric F150. "The quiet was almost eerie pulling three tons up a 25% grade." / USA Today

What a car you build yourself might look like from IKEA: a DIY kit, with 374 pieces, that would cost around €5,000. / Connexion France

The oldest company in the world is a Japanese temple repair group, with a creed passed down on how to keep it running. / Works That Work

World chess champion Magnus Carlsen recognizes famous matches from history from a single position. / The Morning News

A fun story about magic's greatest card trick, "The Berglas Effect," that's worth reading all the way through. / The New York Times