Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The future is bright, until the fuse blows.

Despite reports of peaceful demonstrations, Phoenix riot police tear-gassed protesters outside the Trump rally without first ordering a dispersal. Officials say people were throwing rocks and bottles, and the situation was worsening.

With Angola's president stepping down, the country is voting on its first new leader in 38 years. Inequality and alleged corruption give opposition parties a healthy shot at winning.

After 30 years and $80 billion, the US cuts aid to Egypt, citing human-rights concerns, and threatening a key ally in the region.

Photos from the past 16 years of the US war in Afghanistan.

"I know you love to intimidate women, but you can't intimidate me, so back up." In her new memoir, Hillary Clinton recalls Trump stalking her around the debate stage.

Farmers in France have a 22% higher rate of suicide, possibly due to a combination of isolation and the economy.

This week at the Rooster Summer Reading Challenge, we finish up our sixth and final book of the summer, and it’s your turn to tell us which of our summer reads wins a slot in the 2018 Tournament of Books.

Britain's National Grid warns that homes can't charge a Tesla and run the kettle simultaneously without blowing the main fuse.

Social-engineering hackers are beating two-factor authentication by duping mobile providers into transferring phone numbers.

Facebook is predicted to decline in teen usage. It's the first time there's been a drop in any age group.

“You can put all the risk assessments in place but you really don’t expect people to try to get into the artifacts.” Museum visitors broke an 800-year-old coffin after posing their child inside it.

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is the first of its kind that can photograph the universe's dark energy. Joshua Wheeler says, “Point it at the White House.”

Albums are already dying. The popularity of Spotify playlists hints at the end of musical genres.

David Bowie's television commercials are a cultural history of the past 50 years.