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Wednesday headlines: The great American city-state

Innovative shifts in manufacturing processes have resulted in huge profit windfalls—and now, massive supply shortages globally. / The New York Times

A recruiter explains why restaurants really can’t find enough staff. “Restaurants are just going to have to pay people more or have better benefits.” / Washingtonian

Related: “The Post-Covid-19 Rules of Tipping.” / The Wall Street Journal

Texas's new voting restrictions are designed to disproportionately affect Black and Latino voters. / The Washington Post

It wasn't only Tulsa: a look at around 50 racially charged massacres that occurred in America between the Civil War and the 1940s. / CNN

TMN’s Rosecrans Baldwin says Greater Los Angeles is best understood as a “city-state.” / The Atlantic

See also: “sugar models,” “karaoke movie stars,” and other vocabulary from contemporary Hollywood. / The Los Angeles Times

Roxane Gay: Cops don’t deserve to attend Pride. / The New York Times

President Biden reverses Trump’s decision to allow gas and oil extraction in parts of Alaska. / BBC News

A visit to the world's northernmost satellite station, where 100 geodesic domes receive data transmissions on climate change. / The New York Times

Amazon customers in the US who use Echo speakers and/or Ring cameras have one week to opt out of mass wireless sharing. Meanwhile, for anybody feeling paranoid, Amazon goes pro-cannabis. / The Guardian, Reuters

A Minecraft streamer's record run may have been the result—accidental or not—of a mod that enhances video quality. / VICE

"You’re competing with every other person who has ever made music to get a share of one pot." On the economics of music streaming. / The New Republic

Readers explain why they keep old books. / The Chicago Tribune

Help a computer submit its best idea to this week’s New Yorker cartoon caption contest. / The Pudding