Officials in Libya say more than 5,000 people died after the flooding in Derna, and some 10,000 are reported missing. / Reuters

NASA publishes maps from the first space probe designed to measure air quality above North America. / It's Nice That

As climate change fuels the destruction of natural habitats, conservationists emphasize the need to protect animals left without shelter—but recreating habitats isn't easy. / Undark

Kevin McCarthy, House speaker, opens an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. / The Guardian

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The Daily Beast finds over 40 anonymous Twitter accounts allegedly controlled by Barstool Media, laundering "incalculable amounts of copyright-protected sports and entertainment videos." / The Daily Beast

Dozens of unreleased Harry Styles songs leak on underground Discords, and people don't know if they're real or AI-generated. / 404 Media

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Meanwhile, "the Pumpkin Spice Espresso Martini is a dark portent of humanity's demise."