Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The last picture show.

The Senate passes a $484 billion coronavirus relief plan that expands testing and provides aid to small businesses and hospitals. The House hopes to approve the legislation today.

“If 9/11 and 2008 wore out trust in the old political establishment, 2020 should kill off the idea that anti-politics is our salvation.”

The director of the CDC says a second wave of the coronavirus would likely hit during flu season in the fall, putting "unimaginable strain" on the healthcare system.

In a form of oxygen deprivation called "silent hypoxia," people dying of COVID pneumonia don't realize they're having difficulty breathing until it's too late. At-home testing with a simple pulse oximeter could identify and treat the problem earlier.

Fear of ERs has resulted in a severe decline in people coming in for heart attacks and other potentially deadly conditions.

See also: Organ donations have decreased by a third and non-critical transplants are being delayed.

US health officials have revised the country's first known COVID-19 fatality to a death that occurred on Feb. 6—three weeks before the first reported death.

Mortality data from 11 countries shows at least 28,000 more people have died over the last month, likely from COVID-19.

"A single drive-in theater in Florida was the source of the entire domestic box office this past weekend."

Amid the crisis surrounding the coronavirus, the Upright Citizens Brigade has permanently closed its remaining spaces in New York.

“Some future person dressed in elk fur with a spear made from a Chrysler bumper will peer at those markings and take a picture with their phone.” Paul Ford on creating things amid the impending doom of so much else.

A tale of two layoffs: a German and an American. Guess which one won’t miss a paycheck.

Whole Foods monitors stores at risk of unionizing through factors such as diversity, unemployment, and employee sentiment.

Satellite data suggests China has been skimming rainy-season freshwater off the Mekong upstream of Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia.

Amid a massive bleaching event, Australia geo-engineers brighter clouds in an effort to save the Great Barrier Reef.

The US is trying to deploy more unpredictably to keep potential foes on edge—hence pulling long-range bombers out of Guam.

Calls for US libraries to remove children's books with LGBTQ characters increased by almost a fifth last year.

Hiccups in online grocery shopping are resulting in quarantined people ordering far more food than they intended.

"In this unnatural state of isolation, these are the things that bind." How photographers are capturing this moment in our lives.

IKEA does its part to help people through quarantine: by publishing its recipe for Swedish meatballs.