Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The music is coming from inside the house.

Total worldwide Covid cases reach 400 million, just over a month after hitting 300 million. / Reuters

Johnson & Johnson has halted—for now—production of its single-dose Covid vaccine. / CBS News

An AstraZeneca vaccine scientist says politicians and other scientists harmed its vaccine's reputation and "probably killed hundreds of thousands of people." / The Guardian

Kavanaugh's opinion in the Supreme Court decision for Alabama's gerrymandered congressional map to take effect opens the door to further curtailing of voting rights. / Vox

On the dystopia of watching the Big Air skiing event against the backdrop of a nuclear facility at the Beijing Winter Olympics. / Reuters

How a trans activist was able to figure out that a film crew that reached out with seemingly good intentions was actually a right-wing attempt to make an anti-trans documentary. / BuzzFeed News

A couple has been arrested and charged with laundering $4.5 billion in bitcoin that was stolen in the 2016 Bitfinex hack. / Quartz

See also: "Alleged crypto launderer Heather Morgan led a second life as the world's worst rapper." / Engadget

European and US banks are on the alert for retaliatory Russian cyber attacks in case US sanctions take effect should Russia invade Ukraine. / Reuters

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From crypto and NFTs to meme stocks and legalized betting, the internet has turned money into a hobby. / Vox

"Digital generative art seems to be appreciated by experts and collectors only for the results it produces, mostly ignoring the craft." / Hyperallergic

An explainer on "wordcels" and "shape rotators," and aren't you glad. / VICE

Egyptologists find thousands of pottery shards that were used as grocery lists, lines written for school punishment, and more. / Hyperallergic

A long-lost Godspeed You! Black Emperor cassette originally released in 1994 and limited to only 33 copies may have just surfaced online. / Stereogum

"I can't be sure I'm hearing music she's playing, or something from the heating pipes." Accidental ambient music. / Dada Drummer Almanach

Dickens wrote "A Christmas Carol" over the course of six weeks, all in one draft in a single notebook. / George Saunders

An asteroid has been named "Sophiexeon" after the late artist SOPHIE, in response to a petition from fans. / Pitchfork