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Wednesday headlines: The obscenity mobile

Helen Branswell runs through 12 lessons Covid-19 taught us about developing vaccines during a pandemic. / STAT

Heathrow airport is trying fast-track lanes for fully-vaccinated arrivals. / BBC News

ICU nurses in Appalachia who risked their lives during the pandemic feel like they fought a war that no one acknowledges. / The Washington Post

What 1776 shares with 2021: “the situation was constantly changing, the stakes were high, the future uncertain.” / The New York Times

A new bill aimed at banning “vulgar and obscene” vanity plates—and perhaps a "MILF mobile"—tests ideas about liberty in Maine. / The Intercept

Navneet Alang: Social media is a mainstream outlet for our worst habits, and yet it's also a platform for the marginalized. / The Toronto Star

Jonathan Zittrain: Technology makes it alarmingly simple to cover up our mistakes online; a little less efficiency is desired. / The Atlantic

Iceland's trials of a four-day work week found productivity to be the same or improved in the majority of workplaces. / BBC News

A Vancouver "micro-studio," listed on Craigslist for $680/month, is a bathroom with a bed in it. / Vancouver Is Awesome

"No one wants to have morning sickness and throw up on a glacier." Confronting motherhood from Antarctica during an age of melt. / Orion Magazine

Planets without stars are turning out to be surprisingly common in the Milky Way. / Gizmodo

For the first time ever, scientists have detected ripples in spacetime created by a black hole gobbling up a neutron star. / VICE

See also: “Shohei Ohtani Isn't Babe Ruth—He's Better.” Also, a video diary on what it’s like to beat Andy Murray at tennis. / Sports Illustrated, The Morning News

Five photographers document their experiences from the 4th of July weekend. / BuzzFeed News