Russia raises the conscription age to 30, making more men liable to serve in the armed forces. / BBC News

Ukraine demonstrates the power small countries can wield, but its "sovereignty, democracy and post-war stability are Europe's to lose." / Eurozine

The total number of Japanese citizens falls by 800,000. / Japan Today

A COVID-19 study in Florida and Ohio finds the excess death rate of Republican voters, after vaccines arrived, to be 43% higher than among Democratic voters. / The Hill

Young American voters are going markedly progressive on climate change, gun violence, and LGBTQ+ rights. / The Washington Post

Danielle Campoamor: We need to see more parents having abortions in film and television. / Marie Claire

A program matches volunteer knitters and other crafters with projects left unfinished when a person dies or becomes disabled. / NPR

A travelog to document some of the world's last internet cafés—in Kampala, Kathmandu, Lagos, et al. / Rest of World

A Lego car is repeatedly modified to roll perfectly on an increasingly inclined treadmill. / Kottke

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Reading newspaper articles and opinion columns from the 1960s and 70s suggests publishers were terrified of photocopiers. / Newart

See also: 175 years of illustrations. And some light-filled paintings by Adrian Kay Wong. / Illustration Chronicles, Adrian Kay Wong

"On reflection, it's very uncool." People look over their scrapbooks devoted to pop stars. / The Guardian