Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: The Queen’s Gambit.

Boris Johnson asks England’s Queen to suspend Parliament to stop lawmakers from blocking a no-deal Brexit.

From the Fed to China to Obama, a rundown of those Trump will most likely blame in case of recession.

"The next recession—this year, next year, whenever it comes—will likely make that Millennial disadvantage even worse."

In what would be the first crime committed in space, an astronaut accessed her estranged spouse's bank account from the ISS.

How investigators figure out when someone has faked their own death.

Major ransomware attacks are proliferating partly because insurers would rather pay the ransom than cover lost revenue.

The latest upgrade to the OpenAI text generator proves especially adept at producing inflammatory fake news.

Cross-stitched road signs display statements of reality, by Michelle Hamer

Another way to support TMN and the Tournament of Books: our merch store (where Sustaining Members get 50% off).

Amazon is opening a bookstore across the street from Nashville’s venerable Parnassus Books.

Watch: Two tourists recreate The Simpsons scene where Homer eats his way through New Orleans.

Like other animals that live by humans, city crows have higher cholesterol than rural crows, possibly from eating processed foods.

Taxing non-reusable bags is better than banning plastic, which increases paper usage—and has its own environmental downsides.

Watch: A short documentary about the role society and politics played in creating the UK acid house music scene.