Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: The Rooster crows.

Today in Trump-ville: Kushner goes to Mexico, economic adviser Cohn has left the building, and Stormy Daniels sues the president, alleging that he never signed their nondisclosure agreement.

The President seems prepared to blame Parkland on the gaming industry—catching gamers by surprise.

Only 13 Delta tickets were ever sold with an NRA discount.

Reducing the voting age turns young people into lifelong voters. It also gets their parents to vote more.

Of the 1,610 people killed in America by animals between 2008 and 2015, 478 were killed by hornets, wasps, or bees.

A new trend in the great outdoors: drinking "raw" water. Some tips on how to avoid getting sick.

Roger Bannister dies at 88, the first human to run four laps in less than four minutes, "amateurism’s last hurrah.”

Video: Ultra-running in China’s Changping Valley and Mt. Siguniang Scenic Park.

Frances McDormand's latest Academy Award was stolen at an Oscars after-party. The thief was caught after bragging on Facebook.

After his house nearly burns down, photographer Kevin Cooley becomes obsessed with smoke and fire.

"Dumpster fire" is one of Merriam-Webster's 850 new additions to the dictionary.

Palestinian journalists demonstrate to protest Facebook unilaterally blocking Palestinian Facebook accounts.

Multiple Apple employees suffer head injuries after walking into the company’s new headquarters' glass walls.

The Geneva Auto Show opens with a ban on "booth babes."

“Men’s cults” recur throughout history and across cultures, from Amazon tribes to American frat houses.

A Duke student nearly graduates college without attending a men's basketball game as a "Cameron Crazy."