Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: The Spiders Near Mars.

Citing Monday's Electoral College votes, Mitch McConnell acknowledged Joe Biden as president-elect. McConnell also urged against disputing the Electoral College tally on Jan. 6, as it would result in Republicans voting against Trump. / CNN, Associated Press

Why sowing election doubt helps Republicans post-Trump: It's fuel for voter suppression efforts in future elections. / The Washington Post

The FDA has authorized use of the first rapid at-home Covid-19 test. The first kits will be shipped out in the next three weeks. / The Washington Post

Giving a new medicine a brand name often takes two years. For Covid-19 vaccines, that timeline has been squeezed into six months. / STAT

How, in one way or another, Covid-19 has offered a glimpse of the Singularity, irreversibly transforming human life. / Los Angeles Times

In online chats, neo-Nazis hope to use the pandemic to radicalize anti-vaxxers and destabilize America. / The Daily Beast

For Indigenous journalists, stories don't always fit neatly into the boxes their editors might prefer. / Columbia Journalism Review

Police have long held that property seizure helps fight organized crime, but it's often used to target ordinary people. / ProPublica

Most police officers are trained to use first aid, yet few use it—and there are rarely consequences for inaction. / The Marshall Project

Black fathers talk about losing their sons to police violence. / GQ

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How production designers created the candy pastel suburb in Edward Scissorhands. / The Ringer

Experiments on the International Space Station find that without gravity, spiders need a light source as a frame of reference when weaving webs. / Gizmodo

"Your parents describe your birth as the happiest moment of their lives, followed by the saddest." On growing up with one eye. / Ben Dreyfuss

Flowers and coral reefs rendered in intricate porcelain artworks by Zemer Peled. / Colossal

"Evolution has failed in helping us distinguish positive emotional sense memories from negative." Eoghan Walsh goes Proust, but with Heineken and Pringles instead of tea and madeleines. / Good Beer Hunting

"Among secular people, the absence of an afterlife raises the stakes." Why we like to imagine our unlived lives. / The New Yorker

Austin Kleon on spotting real-life vampires: If after hanging out with someone you feel depleted, remove them from your life. / Austin Kleon

Surfers catch waves in collages by Anthony Zinonos. / This Isn't Happiness