Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: THe spring of short kings

Russia's combat power in Ukraine is said (by the United States) to have declined below 90% of its pre-invasion levels. / The Guardian

Joel Simon: For journalists, Ukraine is all about Whats App, Signal, and Telegram. / The Columbia Journalism Review

A Russian philosopher asks what everyday Russians are responsible for in this invasion. / The Philosophical Salon

Brief notes on how Russian oligarchs find ways to avoid Western sanctions. / Quartz

Unrelated/related: MacKenzie Scott donates $436 million to Habitat for Humanity. / The Associated Press

A new database finds that deadly police encounters in the US are increasing more quickly in suburban and rural areas, not cities. / LAist

The storm system that spawned tornadoes across Texas and Louisiana pushes east. / CNN

Only a small percentage of Disney workers protested yesterday, but they claimed victory when the company denounced Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill. / PBS

Librarians in many places are self-censoring, removing books—mostly LGBTQ-related, or about people who aren't white—before parents can protest them. / The Washington Post

See also: A small library on an island in Maine buys books that have fallen out of favor. / NBC News

An interesting conversation with a researcher who used drug-developing AI to identify 40,000 potentially lethal molecules. / The Verge

Some thoughts on the coming metaverse from people who've already spent more than a decade there. / The Atlantic

A guide to Twitter slang compiled by the FBI in 2014. / Kottke

A good reminder that most people on the internet are lurkers, which perhaps says something about the people not lurking. / Reddit

Emma Stern brings virtual female characters to life in oils. See also: the end of skinny jeans. See also: is this going to be a short king spring? / Artforum, Adweek,  i-D

Baz Luhrmann and his wife list their New York City townhouse. / Uncrate

A brief essay by Nina MacLaughlin on the moon, in light of the recent lunar phase. / The Paris Review