Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: This email tastes like warm cornbread.

A 10-year project finds, compared to those who received care, women denied abortions suffer more economically and mentally. / NPR

Awareness of abortion medication remains dangerously low—and as recently as 2017, most people trying to end pregnancies on their own did so without pills. / The 19th

A Michigan judge has granted a preliminary injunction that, should Roe be overturned, would stall the return of the state's 1931 abortion ban. / The Detroit tNews

The FDA has authorized the use of a third booster for children aged five to 11. / CNBC

For seniors, the symptoms of long Covid are often mistaken for signs of aging, and they're having difficulty getting doctors to believe them. / KHN

What Congress learned at yesterday's public hearing on UFO sightings, which "are frequent and are continuing." / Axios

"Mastercard and Visa continue to accommodate thousands of businesses that have been flagged for issues including lying to customers, lying to banks, and breaking the law." / BuzzFeed News

NATO's 30 member countries must unanimously agree whether to accept Finland and Sweden's applications, and it's unclear if Turkey will approve the expansion. / Associated Press

While digging trenches for fortifications near Odesa, Ukrainian soldiers unearthed a pair of intact ancient Greek urns. / Hyperallergic

"Victorians liked stuff that they could put on display." The "cluttercore" aesthetic has been 150-odd years in the making. / The Conversation

Some synesthesia TikTokkers may be faking it, but others say the movement makes them finally feel seen. / WIRED

A new study shows that even just one week off of social media can provide "improved mood and less anxiety overall." / SciTechDaily

See also: Technology-free is the new amenity at some hotels, where TVs, phones, and internet are nowhere on site. / InsideHook

"Be honest, who hasn't compiled their own list at some point?" Why the Desert Island Discs format has worked so well, and for so long. / Formats Unpacked

Ryan Schude's "Patti Smith" photo series depicts a particularly vivid moment at a bus station as described in the musician's biography. / Booooooom

"Depraved used to mean fun." This profile of John Waters is so worth it. / BuzzFeed News