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Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: This one’s for the cheaters.

Secretary of State Pompeo to meet “North Korean regime insider” Kim Yong-chol in New York to discuss the lingering possibility of a June summit.

Trump to meet Kim Kardashian after months of talks between her and Jared Kushner over a pardon for a one-time drug offender.

North Korea is a greater nuclear threat than it was 17 months earlier.... China’s influence on the Korean peninsula and the region has grown. And as American allies, especially South Korea, painfully learned, Washington is not reliable. The diplomatic results of Trump’s reliance on gut instincts and little knowledge.

Roseanne Barr apologizes for the racist tweets that lost her her show, then quickly becomes defensive about tweeting.

Democratic thinkers are divided between two goals: preserving norms and combating runaway corporate power.

A Trump-hating writer reports on his recent trip from Texas to D.C. with his 93-year-old, Trump-loving cousin.

Video: In case your kids have been asking, how dangerous are the Pacific Northwest’s volcanos?

Where in America are you most likely to be killed by a natural disaster? Pretty much anywhere.

Today’s armchair travel segment: Did you know that river boarding’s a thing? In China, in Montana, in England.

There's only one gun store in Mexico, and yet 66% of 2017's homicides included a gun, up from 15% in 1997.

One-third of America's recyclables are exported. But after China closed the gate in January, tons go to landfills.

Chinese travelers are the world’s top tourism spenders, and Africa is increasingly their top destination of choice.

Africans need visas to travel to fifty-five percent of other African nations. Ethiopia plans to go visa-free.

When it comes to selling cars, credit cards, even mobile phone plans, the term “passport” is used as a stand-in for “freedom.” A German can visit 177 countries visa-free; an American, 173; an Afghan, just twenty-four. The passport-rich often forget about the passport-poor.

Sleep may boost creativity through a sort of conversation, where phases—REM and non-REM—work together.

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In the UK, eating alone is more strongly associated with unhappiness than any other factor except mental illness.

Over 40% of nine-year-olds in Spain, Italy, and Greece are overweight or obese.

Half of all Monopoly players cheat, so Hasbro designed a game just for them.

The Christian argument for sports betting: “It will reveal the longstanding moral depravity” of US sports culture.

A new term on the block: "cryptonanism" refers to intellectual wankery associated with digital currencies.

You can still visit the Wall Street Journal's 1996 series on the emerging web.

A tour inside Amazon's new 80,730 square foot photo studio in Tokyo.

Someday soon the Supreme Court will need to rule on issues raised specifically by snoopy Alexas and smart homes.

Delays in record-keeping have stalled hundreds of prisoner appeals in Cook County. Now the clerk wants to be mayor.

Comparing Tolstoy and Roth in an effort to explain how best to read so-called auto-fiction.

What crops will survive the heat and dryness when climate change toasts the fields? Avocados are a risky bet.

A mysterious animal was killed in Montana last week—possibly a "wolfdog," but no one really knows what it is.

Here are some iconic David Lynch characters as protrayed by John Malkovich.