Headlines Edition

Wednesday Headlines: Time’s running wild.

The latest lockdowns in China are throttling factories and ports, further disrupting supply chains for companies like Samsung, Volkswagen, and Nike. / Sky News Australia

Pfizer's Omicron-specific vaccine will be ready by March—though that's likely too late, given the current speed of infections. / CNBC

A new Senate bill seeks to repair the electoral ambiguities Trump and his allies attempted to exploit. / The Washington Post

Biden wants the Senate to change its rules to pass the two voting rights bills that have now been stalled for months. / BuzzFeed News

See also: Play mini-golf on a course of gerrymandered districts. / The Washington Post

New York could soon require the fashion industry to disclose its societal and environmental impacts. / Hyperallergic

Jeannette Cooperman: Before we were repelled by plastic, we were seduced by it. / The Common Reader

"You may be forgiven for believing that China has actually launched an artificial sun. Like, into the sky." / VICE

Snowball fights depicted in medieval art and literature. / Open Culture

"You can't prove that there's not a unicorn in a teapot that's orbiting the sun right now." Life as an alternative historian. / Input

A stop-motion animation of surreal woodworking, by omozoc. / The Morning News

On the 50th anniversary of David Bowie's Hunky Dory, a track-by-track review of why the album still resonates so loudly. / PopMatters

Rembrandt's The Night Watch in eye-poppingly high resolution, with some of the painting's missing pieces restored. / Rijksmuseum

Cue the fun Wordle spoofs.: Sweardle, Queerdle, Letterle, and the like. / The Verge

See also: Apple has removed a number of Wordle clones from the App Store, including one that plagiarized the word game's name and interface. / @waxpancake

This is exciting: Roxane Gay announces the Joel Gay Creative Fellowships. / The Audacity

At the Restaurant of Mistaken Orders—whose servers are all living with dementia—not all the orders come out right, and that's OK. / MetaFilter