Headlines edition

Wednesday headlines: Tomorrow’s architect

A liberal reporter hits the road with his 93-year-old, Trump-loving cousin to ask people how to fix America.

Anyone bothered by teenagers protesting America's gun problem with memes is desperately out of touch.

R.I.P., Linda Brown Thompson, the girl at the center of Brown v. Board of Education.

There is clearly something Musk wants to share, but he can’t bring himself to utter the words, at least not on the record. “It’s so terrible, you can’t believe it.” A reporter spent nine months covering Elon Musk, the “architect of tomorrow,” and even got to see him cry.

Elon Musk's dad, whom Musk says is basically pure evil, recently had a baby with his stepdaughter.

A history of Hollywood cults, from the Source Family to the Self-Realization Fellowship.

The latest confirmed death by an overdose of opioids, in this case an exceedingly high level of Fentanyl: Prince.

I did foresee that we’d get something like an OutKast—rap that could sell millions and still feel not pop. But now we’re in a stage where rap isn’t separate from pop, which is amazing. The Beastie Boys’ Mike D looks back on music, grief, parenting, and trying to find the Next Big Thing.

In 42nd and Vanderbilt, a photographer spends years shooting the same New Yorkers over and over again.

Hooters attempts to become a coworking space in Tokyo, with a discount on drinks.